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Flash 2 (December 2015)

Homicide rate in France and Germany down by close to 60 % in 20 years


Note 3 (September 2015)

The profile of households victims of burglary


Flash 1 (October 2015)

A fall in armed robberies in the retail sector


Note 2 (July 2015)

To what extent does witnessing excessive alcohol consumption in the neighbourhood cause discomfort ?


Note 1 (June 2015)

Do people find witnessing drug-related activities in their district bothersome ?


Grand angle 33 (June 2013)

The profile of individuals accused of non-road related crimes and offences on the territory of Parisian police headquarters

Grand angle 32 (February 2013)

Armed robberies of legal public bodies in the trade sector which were recorded by the national police and gendarmerie between 2006 and 2011


Focus 7 (June 2012)

Theft of metals in metropolitan France in 2010


Crime in France - annual report (2013)



Crime in France - annual report (2012)



Crimes and offences registered in 2011