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The ONDRP at a glance


The National Observatory of Crime and Criminal Justice (ONDRP) was set up in November 2003 to analyse crime trends and the associated criminal justice sanctions.


The ONDRP is attached to the National Institute for Advanced Security and Justice Studies (INHESJ), a public institution under the Prime Minister's supervision, whose status was enhanced by Decree No. 2015-1213 of 1 October 2015. It has an Advisory Board which oversees its work and shares information regarding the improvement of statistical systems and the production of knowledge on criminal phenomena. This Board guarantees its independence.

It is tasked with helping to improve knowledge of criminal phenomena and the characteristics of victims, implicated persons and convicted offenders by carrying out statistical studies or producing research articles.

The ONDRP Advisory Board is chaired by Stefan Lollivier, Inspector General of the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (Insee). Its members are elected representatives, security and justice stakeholders in the public and private sectors alike as well as representatives of the research world and the authorities. It is independent and determines the research aims and subjects of the ONDRP. It also defines the strategy guaranteeing the reliability and relevance of statistics.

The ONDRP is a recognised expert in France and abroad today.


01 Measure

Designing and processing the annual INSEE-ONDRP-SSMSI crime victimisation survey

Analysing crimes recorded by the police, gendarmerie and Ministry of Justice

Researching and aligning datasets from the authorities, professional associations and private bodies

Looking at datasets in the context of sources from international organisations and abroad


02 Study

Statistical studies and analyses

Comparing criminological research with the data obtained

Expert appraisals and partnerships


03 Disseminate

Regular publications: long formats or executive summaries

Participating in research efforts in France and abroad

Contributing to higher education and vocational training programmes

Media features



A team made up of 10 staff members from a range of government departments and contract workers with specific skills

16 publications including 6 long studies

260 hours of teaching delivered by ONDRP staff

24 keynote speeches at conferences in France and abroad

21 partnership agreements

Exchanges with 16 institutions abroad

12  projects underway including 4 international ones

95% of publications covered by the media

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