The World Homicide Survey

The World Homicide Survey

The World Homicide Survey was initiated in 2011 in Canada by the International Centre for Comparative Criminology. The ONDRP is in charge of conducting out this project for the European countries.

The project is centered on the idea that it is possible to gain insight into the causes of violence around the world by asking knowledgeable individuals their opinion on the social conditions in their country, the functioning of the criminal justice system, and the forms and prevalence of violence and homicide.

Indeed there are almost no data available  to characterize the most direct causes of violent crime, such as the presence of criminal organizations, corruption and firearms. As well, there are simply no international figures on important factors such as the clearance rate, the conviction rate and the general efficiency of criminal justice agencies.

The main objective is to identify new factors influencing homicide rates. To achieve this, a new framework has been conceptualized, with specific indicators which are thought to have a direct impact on homicide rates. The secondary objective is to test the influence of these factors on different types of homicide.

The first results of the European part of the World Homicide Survey were presented during the International Conference on Homicide on 22 and 23 May 22 2017.


Olivier GOURDON, Aurélien LANGLADE, Merhunisa VESELJI - ONDRP



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