The Margin Project


Margin: Tackle Insecurity in Marginalised Areas

Between May 2015 and April 2017, the ONDRP participated in the European project “Margin: Tackle Insecurity in Marginalised Areas”. This project was funded by the European Commission as part of the research program Horizon 2020. The Margin project was coordinated by the University of Barcelona, and gathered seven partners across five European countries and regions (Catalonia, France, Hungary, Italy, and the United Kingdom).


The main objective of the project was to analyse the perceptions of insecurity in Europe, at the individual and neighbourhood levels, through quantitative and qualitative methods. A part of this analysis focused on vulnerable and marginalized individuals. Another objective was to provide analytic tools to policy-makers, researchers, and citizens, in order to assess and reduce perceived insecurity.


The Margin project counted several “Work Packages” (WP): data collection from the partners (WP2); cross-national statistical analysis (WP3); creation of the Margin questionnaire on perceptions of insecurity (WP4); and anthropological fieldwork in five European cities (Barcelona, Budapest, Milan, London, and Paris) (WP5). Other tasks were dedicated to management (WP1), communication and results dissemination (WP6), and ethics (WP7).


As the leading partner of WP2, the ONDRP coordinated the collection of data from the partners’ police-recorded crime statistics and crime victimisation surveys. Drawing on its experience in the development and analysis of crime surveys, the ONDRP also participated in the creation of the Margin questionnaire. The ONDRP finally conducted fieldwork in two Parisian neighbourhoods located in the 8th and 19th arrondissements, during several months.

Researchers : Cyril Rizk, Sonia Bellit, Hugo D'Arbois de Jubainville, Vincent Delbecque. Coordination : Olivier Gourdon

All results and public deliverables of the Margin project are available online: or below

D2.2 State-of-the-art report

D3.1 Cartography of objective and subjective insecurity

D3.2 Conceptual report

D3.4 Factors assessing insecurity

D4.2 Margin questionnaire on perceptions of insecurity

D5.1 Anthropoligical dimension of insecurity

D6.8 Agenda of best practices

Final report - Evidence from the MARGIN project


You can find some results and articles by the ONDRP in The dimensions if insecurity in urban areas : research on the roots of unsafety and fear of crime in european cities, published by Andrea Tünde Barabas.